Jennifer Lopez is training for a triathlon. Hoping to inspire others, she appeared this morning on Good Morning America with her trainer to discuss how she’s preparing for the event. Over at NBC, The Today Show’s Matt Lauer sat down for an exclusive interview with the man of the moment, my boyfriend, Michael Phelps. Click here for the video.

66 million + stayed home on Friday night, stayed home this weekend in fact, to watch Michael become the most golden Olympic athlete in history. I’m thinking JLo was probably overshadowed this morning?

PS. He looks amazing in pants. Look how they hang off his waist.

And quit riding me about Gay Math. My Main Mo Darren and I discussed this the other day. We call it the Gay Measures Act, put in place to temporarily suspend Gay Math conditions only during the following times:

1. The Olympics
2. Pride
3. Madonna concert
4. In Amsterdam

In other words, I have until August 24th to get over Michael Phelps.

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