But is he funny?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 27, 2008 15:29:00 August 27, 2008 15:29:00

Don’t talk.

Just swim.


He might have been my summer crush but I’m the first to admit that he’s not the most engaging interview. Not unlike Tiger Woods, actually. Tiger either bores you to sh*ts when he’s talking or he’s offending someone. There’s no in between.

Michael Phelps has been very well trained, both in the pool and out of the pool. And so far, he’s not put his foot in his mouth just yet. Quite the opposite, actually. He’s been repeating the same thing over and over again. Gripping, really.

Still, NBC won't let him go. NBC is all over his LZR. Now it’s just been announced that Michael will host the season premiere of Saturday Night Live with musical guest Lil Wayne. The real Lil Wayne. Not Karl Lagerfeld doing Lil Wayne.

How appropriate. Because as the entire world now knows, Michael listened to Lil Wayne to get amped before his races. And Young Jeezy too.

But will he be willing to go there? To drop the NBC golden sponsorboy façade and actually be funny? Like Peyton Manning?

I’m no Colts fan but Peyton Manning on SNL was the funniest sh*t ever.

Can Michael Phelps bring it the same way?

I don’t know… I’m thinking for an SNL host, Ryan Lochte would have been way funnier. Ryan Lochte is hilarious.

Michael Phelps on SNL September 13th.

Oh and about that girlfriend situation – Stephanie Rice said nothing happened. No kiss, nothing.

Bollocks. They totally did it.

Also – Phelps says he currently has no girlfriend. That he has no time for one. That he probably won’t have time til he’s 30. By then I’ll be 42. Sucky.

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