Flipping through photos from the Marrakesh Film Festival last night I was overcome with such an overwhelming Sit DOWN BITCH PLEASE I knew I had to share it.

This is Michael Pitt of Boardwalk Empire, his hair newly dark, his girlfriend extra hungry, his lips ultra pouty, his expression uber artistic. Like it’s tearing apart his soul to have to have his photo taken. Like he could be writing a song somewhere, simmering in his own filth, inspired by his own stank, new words like Yeats waiting to spring forth from his mouth, but has been forced instead to walk a red carpet surrounded by sycophants who don’t understand true creativity and cerebral exploration.

Michael Pitt is being tortured.

Insufferable, non?

Even more so when you consider he’s actually quite talented. Totally up his own ass, but also totally convincing and believable on Boardwalk Empire. Some actors you can’t separate your personal feelings towards them as you’re watching. Michael Pitt I watch as James “Jimmy” Darmody and I’m totally into it. Then the episode ends and it’s always – too bad he’s such a f-cking twat.

Imagine Michael Pitt and James Franco in a room together...talking? Who would you punch first?

“I went to film school” probably still has a slight edge, non?

Photos from Wenn.com