How amazingly desperately pouty was Michael Pitt last night? I’d rather be strumming my guitar smoking cigarettes in a dive hole jazz bar, is this what you’re trying to tell me?

Before or after you spend your money from modelling for Prada?

Yes, Michael Pitt is the face of the new Prada men’s campaign. Just a little factoid sticking out of his artiste’s cap, as he makes his way down the carpet, all scowly and above it all. And remember, still looking for his next job.

For all his talent, this kid, he doesn’t work all that much. He’ll tell you it’s because there’s not much he wants to do. But when you find yourself agreeing to pose for clothing, you know it’s because you do kinda like the money. Series TV is good money. Someone should be hustling for his next pilot is all I’m saying.