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After a month of speculation as to who would be Superman’s archnemesis in Zack Snyder’s reboot—Viggo Mortensen or Michael Shannon - Boardwalk Empire creeper Shannon has landed the role of General Zod. Like Superman, Zod is from the planet Krypton (oh cripes that feels so nerdy to type). I don’t know what exactly he does, but he’s one of Superman’s biggest enemies. He was originally portrayed by Terence Stamp in Superman and Superman II. Stamp leaves enormous shoes to fill—he’s one of the most enduring villains in the comic book movie canon.

I LOVE this casting. Michael Shannon is a phenomenal actor and he seems to exist just to terrify us. If ever there was a man meant to portray an epic villain... It reminds me of Jack Nicholson’s turn as The Joker in Batman. It just feels inevitable, like, of course Michael Shannon is going to be an evil alien overlord. OF COURSE he is. And while Terence Stamp is an enduring figure in the role, as Heath Ledger managed to make a place for himself as The Joker, so too will Shannon separate himself as Zod.

This is the first bit of news about this Superman reboot that has me actually intrigued with the project. Between Superman’s astounding ability to bore everyone and my overall indifference toward the actor cast to play him, Henry Cavill, I’ve been critical and disinterested in this movie. But with the addition of Michael Shannon…well I didn’t hate Snyder’s Watchmen, and now I wonder if I won’t hate his Superman, too.

Speaking of Viggo, while in talks with Universal for Snow White and the Huntsman he flirted with Warner Brothers and Superman. He then exited Snow White, citing “script issues”, because, um, that's not the most generic exit line in Hollywood. Mortensen is a guy who knows his own worth but after Snyder pretty unceremoniously denied his involvement in Superman a few weeks ago, and Universal wasted no time in moving on, I wonder if studio bosses agree with his self-valuation.

As for the titular role of the Huntsman in Snow White and the Huntsman, it's allegedly been offered to Hugh Jackman. I really like that piece of casting, too, even more than I liked the initial casting of Mortensen. Viggo can be a bit of a drag on screen but Jackman has a more relaxed, fun presence that should serve a holiday tentpole well. And since Universal would shell out more for Jackman than they would for Mortensen, their logic doesn’t seem to be money driven. Rather, it’s about getting the right person for this movie. Universal is very, very confident in this property.

Attached – Hugh Jackman in New York with his daughter and her friend, Mariska Hargitay’s son yesterday out with the dog.

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