The Volturi. In Vancouver.

Here are Michael Sheen and Jamie Campbell Bower arriving yesterday for New Moon. For those of you who are not familiar, Michael Sheen is the father of Kate Beckinsale’s daughter. It’s widely believed she left him for Len Wiseman during the filming of Underworld. Michael received critical acclaim in both The Queen and most recently in Frost/Nixon.

Meanwhile, Kate’s only contribution these days has been overdressing.

Also attached – Dakota Fanning at LAX en route to Vancouver. Have received many, many emails about her boots today.

Thank you for giving me yet another opportunity to brag about my boots. I will. Mine are brown suede. Click here for the original post.

Anyway, Dakota is tentatively supposed to start shooting today schedule permitting. What’s up this week? Green screen work that involves driving around in a Porsche. And the cliff diving scene. Bella wants to jump, Edward the apparition asks her not to.

Then Edward takes a phone call, gets very upset and the phone disintegrates in his hand.

And then Edward, Bella, Alice are escorted by some vampires (including Dakota Fanning) through the underground passage to meet with the others. I actually remember reading this part and half laughing half gagging through all of Bella’s “staggered/fainting/collapsing” spells. Actually, no. That was the entire book. Ugh.

Also shooting the scene when they leave and Heidi brings in the victims.

More tomorrow. And another series of pictures on the way.

Photos of Dakota Fanning from Matingas/
Exclusive photos of Michael Sheen and Jamie Campbell Bower from
PUNKD Images