I meant to write about this yesterday but the agency only made these photos available today. At least for blogs.

Michael Sheen is in Toronto as his daughter Lily is here with her mother Kate Beckinsale. On Tuesday, Michael and Kate took Lily to the Canadian premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. They walked in with everyone else, no special treatment, and took some medium seats on the side. He got up to look for better ones. And that's when the publicity people noticed him and took them over to reserved seating, which was where they were originally supposed to be. It's just that when they arrived, they didn't make a production out of announcing it. Michael was blushing about changing seats, almost protesting the move.

After the movie, they all three attended the afterparty at Casa Loma which is where I interviewed him for etalk. Every interview that night was Harry Talk only. He loved HP7B. He said he would have wanted to play Sirius. Or Dumbledore. Or Harry himself. And he laughed and lamented that he's the only British actor they never asked. We talked about spells and favourite scenes, like total geek out moments, and he had a lot of pride in the Potter production, especially for what it's meant to British film foundation. Then before he left, I had to ask him about the hair.

Me: so what's with the hair?

Him: (amused) It's my hair! It's just my hair!

Me: is it for a film?

Him: no! It's just my hair!

So there you go, for those of you asking about his hair, it's just his hair. And Rachel McAdams doesn't seem to have as much of a problem with it as you do. Besides, there's a lot of intelligence, talent, and personality there that you can't discount either. I love him. He was so friendly and enthusiastic and elegant, there's no question in my mind why she's so into him.

The same day, before he was at the screening, he and Rachel went for a bike ride. And yesterday he was trimmed. At least that's what it says on Twitter. Here and here. Also last night he and Rachel were at the Bell Lightbox. No photos. But my friend Amy sat very close to them. She was really excited about it. Hi Amy!

Photos from INF