I’ve mentioned before that Jon Stewart loves Gwyneth Paltrow too, right? You’ll be rolling your eyes through this entire article anyway, might as well start it off that way. Or you could watch the trailer to Country Strong again and laugh.

It’s GOOPy Thursday! And there are no recipes today! No recipes and no soul searching parenting tips either. There is however a major namecheck. Michael Stipe is the guest editor. He’s presenting New Orleans. And he does a lot a little namechecking too. I really love when famous people only talk to and about famous people.

Gwyneth was in New York earlier this week, spotted at the Jay-Z/Eminem show and also leaving her apartment the day after in grey skinny jeans.

Am also attaching my favourite R.E.M. song. Because I haven’t heard it in a while and I actually always listen to it in September because I remember I played it over and over again my first week of my first year of university when I was homesick and living in residence with shared showers. Remember being 18 and thinking life was over over the silliest things?

Click here for Michael Stipe’s GOOP New Orleans.

Photos from Jason Webber/Wenzelberg/Splashnewsonline.com