Few things get me going like animals getting hurt so here goes…

Michael “I Kill Dogs Cause It’s Hilarious” Vick was in Chicago today speaking at a Humane Society event about the unethical treatment of animals.

I’m sad for the good-hearted people who participate in these events because they actually care for the cause. Along comes this punk bitch who is only taking part because it’s part of his probation, and they’re supposed to buy that he means it cause he has seen the light and is now advocating for animal welfare?

Please! Gimme a LARGE f-cking break. Make the guy volunteer at a homeless shelter, clean some parks, or show kids how to throw a football (even though he can only run it). At least that would be half-believable as a sincere effort to pay his dues to society. But this? Next they’ll be sending paroled pedophiles to serve ice cream at kiddie pools so they can show they’re rehabilitated.

On a happier note and by request, here are a couple of recent Marcus shots. These were taken during the heat snap we had in Vancouver. He’s hanging with his buds today at doggie day care. Goes once a week to stay social.

Posted by Jacek
File photo from Gettyimages.com