I’ve always been entertained by the FLOTUS acronym, and I feel like it gets used in print and not enough out loud, not least because “First Lady” is an annoying title to have. So much more often, she’s just called Michelle Obama, which I think is her subtle way of trying to phase out the phrase.

Anyway, it was more than a bit of a surprise that she was there and, can we agree, kind of ridiculous that she was surrounded by a team of armed guards of some sort who seemed obviously out of place. Like, are they government employees but they have a movie club? How were these guys selected?

Speaking of selected, I’m not saying there’s anything shady about which envelope Mrs. Obama opened, but that I’m sure the White House ran every possible winning scenario and let AMPAS know which ones were and weren’t acceptable. This woman is incredible. She’s funny, she’s smart, she’s a quick study. She can do whatever she wants, and I’m not wishing the four years away but I can’t wait to see what she does next.

As for the dress, it was great because she always does look great, but it didn’t seem spectacular for her – fine without being spectacular. It was, however, by the same designer as Stacy Keibler. If you feel like you’d like to make an observation about the world getting smaller, well, no KIDDING.

This is, of course, a world which she dominates. In previous White Houses, they might have agonized for weeks over whether or not to “let” the First Lady do something like this. Michelle Obama? Please. This isn’t even the most fun thing she got to do this weekend – have you seen the mom dance?