This is cute.

Michelle Pfeiffer and David E Kelley were photographed in New York yesterday. They hit up an art gallery with their children, Claudia Rose and John, and then they all went to the Lady Gaga show at Madison Square Garden. Can you imagine going with your parents to see Lady Gaga? My Squawking Chicken would lose her f-cking mind. Maybe I should take her and YouTube the whole thing.

Anyway, I remember when Claudia Rose was adopted. She’s 18 now. And Michelle and David have been married 18 years too. She looks great, right? Really happy, really beautiful. And those badass leather pants too. People don’t talk enough either about her sexy drawl.

Confession: I LOVED Dangerous Minds. I still do. It’s corny and derivative and emotionally manipulative but I love it. One of those that if it’s on tv on Sunday, I’ll throw away two hours and watch it front to back. It came out when I was in university and I had this, um, illegal descrambler in my dorm room and it would play it several times a day on pay tv and I’d have it on in the background, constantly, along with Clueless, no matter what I was doing.

There are no victims in this classroom!


You loved Gangsta’s Paradise.


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