Michelle Pfeiffer is 9 years older than Nicole Kidman. Almost a decade! Can you tell? Stitch for stitch, shot for shot, Michelle’s work – if there is work – is far superior.

Michelle Pfeiffer, wow, is ageless. And it’s not even scary! Stunning, right?

This is Michelle with Rupert Friend (better known as Keira Knightley’s boyfriend but poised to break out this year in a few high profile projects) at the Berlin Film Festival today promoting Cheri that tells the story of a French courtesan and her much younger lover. F-ck I should have been an actor.

Also arriving in Berlin, another preternatural beauty, Demi Moore with Ashton Kutcher. Granny Nicole is younger than her too.

Would love to see a Face Off, literally, between Demi and Michelle. Put them in a movie together – I’d rather see that than Sex & the City. At least there’d actually be something to analyse. Like plastic surgery soft core porn.

Photos from Wenn.com