The NY Daily News says things are rough going between the two – something about Heath being at Teddy’s without her on Valentine’s Day, just chillin’, not mackin’ on anyone but still she freaked out. Having said that, the NY Daily News also said in today’s column that Orly and Penelope were givin’ er at a party on Sunday night after the Oscars which immediately smelled to me like a plant, considering I saw him that night with my very own eyes, accompanied by a giggling gaggle of young girls…one of whom looked curiously like her sister. My smutty sense is tingling…you? With respect to Heath and Michelle – if she was pissed about the Valentine outing, I’m thinking it has less to do with the women surrounding him than with temptations of an entirely different chemical makeup, especially since that was the kind of action he was all over in Toronto during TIFF. And in those quantities, it’s hard to believe she wouldn’t know about it. But still…at the very least, she has great hair, right? I LOVE HER HAIR. And if mine could grow like that, if mine could grow like whitey hair, all flat and soft and not sticking up, I would chop mine off in a second too. Source