Don’t mean to gloat but this is why I hate Bump Watch. Totally not interested. Click here for a refresher. So six weeks ago, it was practically a forgone conclusion from MANY of you that she was pregnant. At the time, I wrote that her boobs didn’t match the bump, and seriously…just because someone’s a little bloated, or isn’t sporting a Hollywood concave stomach, doesn’t mean there’s a baby on board.

And as you can see from her appearance last night at a Tribeca Film Festival event, Sarah Michelle Gellar was NOT pregnant then because if she were pregnant, there’d be even more belly now. She does however look lovely. And healthy. And trying to sell her new movie. The movie with the most assy title: Suburban Girl – chick lit on celluloid and not Bridget Jones. Definitely DVD on a rainy Friday night, don’t you think?