So she wore this loose fitting dress to an event last week. And now bikini shots of her in Mexico have turned up along with what some people are calling a bump but not from every angle. From other angles…not much. Needless to say, the smutty universe is now rife with speculation: is there a Freddie Prinze Jr Jr on the way? Since I don’t have intimate knowledge of her uterus, I can’t say for sure. But I will say that IF she is pregnant, she definitely doesn’t have the boobs to match. And I am surrounded by girls getting knocked up. We had our book club 4th anniversary the other night, started four years ago with 12 girls, only 4 of us remain childless. One by one, all my friends, all of them are having babies or having second babies. And bar none, each and every one experienced a serious breast size upgrade to go along with the belly. Are there exceptions? I’m sure there are. But her tits are suspiciously little for someone who is already supposedly showing a baby bump. So isn’t it just possible that she’s eating? And looking lovely for it? Source