I don’t usually give a sh-t about who Zac Efron is hooking up with. Taylor Swift? Just rumours. But Michelle Rodriguez certainly makes him look good. They’ve been on holiday together for a couple of weeks in Sardinia. Finally confirmation that they’re, well, at least having sex if not properly dating. New photos were posted on Twitter this weekend of the two of them kissing and touching and definitely …intimate.

You can see better shots of them here.

As you know, Michelle was previously with Cara Delevingne. Personally I’d take Cara’s wild drama over Zac’s cheesy abs. Evidently that was no longer a possible. So, she’s spending time with Zac, and some rich Euros, on a yacht. Which, frankly, is more of a win for him than it is for her. That’s the plan, right? To build the man cred after being a Disney teenbeat heartthrob? He was the ultimate Dude capital-D in Neighbours. Now his cock is so stiff he can bang a girl who normally likes girls. Sure.

So what’s the connection? How did this happen?

They’ve known each other a while. Two years ago in Cannes, I was invited to Mohammed Al Turki’s yacht party. Al Turki is a very rich man, now producing movies. He and Zac worked together on At Any Price. I was with another entertainment reporter working for a magazine. We were asked by Mr Al Turki’s publicist to pay our respects to him in his private quarters on the lower level of the boat. When we got there, he was surrounded by beautiful women. And Michelle Rodriguez was on the couch with them. She was the DJ that night. It’s a weird reality to observe. To be that wealthy that you can just hire beautiful people to stand around like objects in your presence. To be famous enough that wealthy people can just hire you to stand around like an object. To be famous enough that they just pay you the way they pay their staff to be their friends, to make them feel even more important.

For Zac Efron, it’s been an unpredictable year. Rehab, strange accidents resulting in injured jaws, a random fight under a sketchy bridge in LA, then triumph at the box office…

It seems like it’s getting back on track. Or is it?