I don’t post about Michelle Trachtenberg much. Because, obviously.

Or maybe not.

Maxim just put her on its cover. Total bitch move but I’ll just come right out and say it – we’re talking about a supporting role tv girl here, aren’t we? Sure, I get it. This is a skin rag men’s mag, great. But how many men know her name? I could be wrong.

Anyway, there was a party last night to celebrate her cover. Here she is in a blue dress promoting all the photoshopping they did on her body.

But back to my original point…

I don’t usually post about Michelle Trachtenberg which is why I haven’t been able to tell this story and I’ve been saving up this story because it’s a good one. Wait. Don’t get your hopes up. There will be no cocksucking or drugging, no cheating, fighting, aborting, getting pregnant, or lesbian activity in the following article. Rather, this is about good old fashioned celebrity behaviour.

Michelle was in Vancouver a couple of years ago and she stopped in at True Value Vintage on Robson. A lot of celebrities have shopped there. And you can imagine the staff, right? Too cool, very chill. So there’s Michelle with some friends and she came upon a Bryan Adams tour t-shirt and decided everyone in the store needed to know that 1. She was there and that 2. She and Bryan Adams are tight. Proceeded to shout across the store that she had to call him to tell him and then actually PULLED OUT HER CELL PHONE TO CALL HIM and then screeched at him over the phone “you’ll never guess what I just found!?!” while she was paying for it.

Gross right?

Anyway, the behind the scenes video for the Trachtenberg Maxim shoot is below. Why does it look so tawdry? More shots of Michelle in Maxim here.

Thanks Lady M!

Photos from Dimitrios Kambouris/Gettyimages.com