Jason Segel has been in New York the last week or so for Tribeca. He and girlfriend (!!!) Michelle Williams both have had films screen at the Festival. They have supported each other at events, they have been openly affectionate at private parties; by all accounts, they are serious about each other and their relationship. It is a proper relationship.  And, well, it doesn’t seem like they’re trying to be overly precious about it either.

Here they are, papped while leaving dinner last night. There was no freak out. She didn’t dive into a trash can. He wasn’t whining to security about a back entrance. Is it ideal? Of course not. But you deal. If this is what it is, you deal. Because, well, the way this is looking, they’ll be photographed together a lot. Good. I LOVE THEM.

Also attached - Jason Segel at Letterman last night.