Written by Duana

This woman gives me the conflict. She’s an actress so why can’t she pretend she likes people? If she wants real critical acclaim and the freedom to make even more, better movies, being a box-office draw is one of the clearest paths to getting that done. But she kind of insists on being less than approachable.

I mean, there are a few parts to this. One is her outfit. The dress is whatever, although I kept staring at the blue structural straps underneath. The hair is a bit severe, all shorn-blonde-cap, but the overall look, with the Most Extreme Eyebrows of Oscar 2011, just seems isolating. She doesn’t look inviting, she doesn’t look friendly. She looks like she’s keeping people at arm’s length unless they understand why she’s going for the look of a Swedish Robot Bride. I hate to invoke the last time she was here, but…the last time she was here, she was so very, very full of colour and she looked warm and happy. I miss it.

Then, just when I’m ready to…not write her off, exactly, but close the book on today’s events, well, that’s when I found out she brought Busy Phillips as her date. She brought her best friend! To the Oscars! How many people do you know who actually would do that as opposed to just saying it? It’s the greatest!

But her interview with Ryan Seacrest involved an unmistakable accent (though what is mistakeable is where the accent is from. I thought I heard Southern, a lot of you felt it was British) and I know that’s not something she picked up growing up in Montana, is it? Lainey says Michelle Williams is Method, so that it might be in preparation for something – but the next projects her Imdb lists don’t seem to have any particular British connection.

I feel like the Michelle Williams thing is a game. I think people sort of talk themselves into liking her and then are stunned they ever didn’t. I don’t think she particularly wants to be beloved by everyone. But she’s still not a ‘write your own ticket, greenlight your own movies’ kind of girl. I’m confused by her.

Photos from Wenn.com and Jeff Vespa/VF11/Gettyimages.com