It’s already Friday, motivation is probably a little low, and Ryan Gosling comes along and pretty much bombs your productivity. Sorry.

It’s his W Magazine cover with Michelle Williams in support of Blue Valentine which will screen in a few days at TIFF and for which he’s confirmed to attend. They look AMAZING, non? Really, really beautiful, stunning red lipstick, and I don’t even mind the wig.

But more than that, it’s the photo acting. This is good photo acting. He has to act like he’s obsessed with her in these photos, and sometimes, with lesser subjects, the results are embarrassing and gross. Ryan, as you can see, is not embarrassing and definitely not gross. He is however really convincing. Almost uncomfortably convincing. You want to leave them alone, let them have it, but you also want to watch at the same time. Hot. Like that clip from the movie. So authentic, even down to his, um, arousal there...but who’s looking?