It’s wishful thinking. But Christmas is 4 days away. So ...why not?

Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling are promoting Blue Valentine. Endlessly. Cynthia McFadden interviewed the two for ABC and asked about the rumours that they’re dating.

(What rumours? I hadn’t heard of any rumours that they’re dating. What I have heard, and everyone else, is that he’s spending time with Blake Lively. His play game is undercover, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t play. As a friend, he’s perfect for Michelle. As more, he’s terrible.)

Sorry. Please. As you were. Let’s not let reality get in the way of the make believe. I would like to make believe that he could talk about me this way.

Describing Michelle:

"She's like Montana. If you want to get somewhere, you gotta, you gotta drive there. You gotta take the time to get there."

Do you think he works on his lines? I know a guy, the reputation is ultra cool, a total vagina breaker. And this sh-t, this great sounding sh-t comes out of his mouth, and the girls, they can’t help themselves, they’re all over it so quickly. In seconds. But the rest of us, we’re all convinced that he writes it down at home beforehand. That there’s no freeestyle about his moves. That it’s all completely rehearsed.

Sometimes I wonder if that’s Ryan Gosling.

Anyway, I just did it again, I pissed on the Pretend. It’s a terrible habit. And so I’ll stop now and let you enjoy. The article is here and there are two videos below. Thanks @Joelena!

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