Ever have those moments when you see someone with a great haircut, so great, looks so good you want to drop what you’re doing and go to the stylist now and get yours done the same way?

I just checked the photo agency a few minutes ago and saw these shots of Michelle Williams walking around Brooklyn today and am overcome with so much Want for her hair. It’s the hair in combination with the coat and the little dress and her shades and the booties and the shape of her face…and UGH, I wish so hard I could.

But it has to pass.

For many reasons.

First because I’m chicken sh-t and my hair is a safety net yes, although it’s probably a little too long right now but my stylist, Victor, can’t fit me in for 3 weeks – bugger!!! But also because Asian hair doesn’t grow like this. It doesn’t lie flat. It would just spazz out and stick up. Also, obviously, it’s her lovely delicate face. I have a hawk nose and no eyes. It wouldn’t work. But goddamn she looks amazing, non?

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com