She was just about to be my Best of the night. Just about. Even with the headband that Duana and Sarah considered twee. But I thought it was beautifully accented with that dress. God, that amazing dress.

And then...

She opened with the kid.

Right off the top of the speech, it was Natalie Portman 2012. Babies and motherhood, mothers and daughters. Like a giant campaign sign plastered across her face. Or a running ticker on the bottom of the screen:


Had it been at the end, or in the middle, had it been AFTER MARILYN, after the WORK, fiiine. I’ll still roll my eyes but maybe not so violently. When you open with the kid though, it’s just so ...gratuitous.

Last week I predicted that Michelle Williams will would the Oscar over Meryl Streep. Click here if you missed it. In my opinion, her performance was the class of the year. I appreciate Michelle Williams as an actor so much. I always want to see a Michelle Williams movie. And I think I’ve seen them all. Even the devastating Wendy and Lucy.

Williams to me has always been grace in tragedy, restraint among excess. So I take no pleasure in this reaction, in seeing the Harvey Weinstein behind her acceptance. None at all.

Please. Let her get back to Brooklyn soon. Get her out of LA.