Michelle Yeoh in Venice yesterday this time for the premiere of Lust, Caution. She is perfection. Oh and by the way…Michelle is 3 years older than Diane Lane. Just sayin’…

Anyway, Michelle of course was there to support fellow Chinese Ang Lee’s latest. You may best know Lee as the Oscar-winning director of a movie called Brokeback Mountain and also Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Ang’s latest stars legendary Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai – one of my early, early, early celebrity crushes. He has been around forever. He is ageless. And if you have not seen In the Mood for Love, you must. You will fall in love. If not with him than with Maggie Cheung’s wardrobe.

Anyway… Lust, Caution is said to be one of the most sexually explicit non-porn films to come out of Chinese cinema and has received an NC17 rating for its sexual content. Tony plays a politician who falls in love with a spy who is trying to kill him. Cinematography is typical Lee – sweeping landscapes, exploding colour, complemented by subtle yet sensational acting. Click here for the trailer.

In theatres at the end of September…can’t wait.