Loki could not save Mickey.

Oh Loki.

You saw it coming, didn’t you? Last Monday in New York, Mickey Rourke stumbles into Butter and it happens to be Ebola Paris Hilton’s birthday party. Instead of leaving, he sits down and celebrates with her… and suddenly his beloved dog Loki dies.

Not even her death was enough to spare him the infection though. Because as you know Mickey lost out to his good friend Sean Penn last night. Sean addressed their relationship in the press room. He acknowledged that at times Mickey has pushed him away, has deliberately set fire to his career, but that in recent years Mickey has shown better judgment.

Hanging out with Ebola is not good judgment. And he paid for it.

Check out Mickey in white at the Oscars and then at the Vanity Fair party where he changed into something more comfortable. Also attached – Mickey’s moment with the Brange.

Also something to discuss:

Many of you were pulling for Mickey. Hard. You know that he was once arrested for allegedly beating the sh-t out of his ex wife Carre Otis, right? Granted, they were both f-cked up at the time. But it’s fascinating how these details get buried after 15 years and a great movie. There’s a great article here from 1994, at the height of the drama, that gives some insight into what he was like back then. Creepy and obsessed with her. The Hollywood machine can rehabilitate almost anyone. How will this play out with Chris Brown?

Photos from Wenn.com and Flynetonline.com and Gettyimages.com

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