During promotion for Iron Man 2, Mickey Rourke gave an interview during which he slagged the industry and, in particular, an actress who he believes is overhyped and underskilled leaving many wondering, naturally, who he was referring to.

"You can be less than mediocre and be a f-cking movie star. I have respect for very few actors and actresses. Some of them get a lot of acclaim but just because their movie made $200 million at the box office; they still suck. I got no respect for them and I used to let them know it. It was important for me to put that aside and go, 'You know what? This is a business. If you kiss the right ass and you get lucky on a movie or two, you could last 10 years.' So, now, I just keep my mouth shut and pet my chihuahuas. If they know their work, fine, if they're don't, f-ck 'em. I worked with an actress recently who, despite having a reputation as a 'good actress', sh-ts herself when that little red light comes on. She's fooled everyone into thinking she's a lot better than she is.”

Of course most people are narrowing it down to Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson. I saw Iron Man 2 on Friday. Obviously there’s a lot that’s been cut but I don’t remember any key scenes between Mickey and Scarjo. As for Gwyneth, there’s one major sequence but they’re never alone, and she’s barely seen and it’s mostly Mickey and RDJ anyway and there was no interaction between Mickey and G at all. Also, G’s not known for movies that make $200 million. Same goes for Scarlett.

But Megan Fox is.

And Mickey is working with her on a movie. Fox however doesn’t have a “reputation” as a good actress. So ...I have no idea. But ... does it matter? Because why is it important what Mickey Rourke thinks when he’s a piece of sh-t on a film set anyway? Yes, there’s a comeback. Yes, he gives great acceptance speeches. Yes, he’s a bad ass. But he also self destructed. And treated people horribly. And, now that he’s working again, I’ve heard that behaviour hasn’t changed. Click here to read an article I posted around his Oscar campaign and horror stories from those who’ve worked with him. Last week word is he verbally abused his girlfriend in public at the airport in front of several photographers and autograph seekers because he was in a crusty mood. Mickey Rourke is a crazy person. So I’m just saying I don’t give a sh-t who he respects and doesn’t. Why would his opinion matter? Because suddenly it’s cool to like him again? Pass.

This is Mickey at Letterman last week.

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