Sunday afternoon. Ottawa Holt Renfrew. Like Canada’s Neiman Marcus. Sort of. Mike Fisher of the Ottawa Senators, he’s the cute Canadian dating that country bitch Carrie Underwood, Mike’s at the Tiffany counter with $5,000 pendant necklace in his hand. He pays, it’s wrapped, off he goes.

Tiffany for who?


But Tiffany doesn’t generally sell ugly sh-t. There may be pieces you don’t like, but it’s not like what Carrie Underwood wore to the Grammys, right?

Here’s a refresher in case you forgot.

No…Tiffany isn’t tacky. Then again, she probably loves name brands. She will approve. But really, he’s too good for her.

Thanks Karen!

File photos from Apega/Wenn.com and NHLI via GettyImages.com