Thank you for all your emails, Canada. And forgive me. Forgive me for not immediately picking out out a very popular Canadian. I was blinded by the Porn and the Brange. And remember what I said last week – the domestics are not for me.

I don’t watch the home painting shows. I don’t watch the make your own closet shows. Or the cooking ones. Or the flower arranging programs.

I watch the Poker Tour, tv for the degenerate.

Besides, you could hardly see his face…

But there he is.

It’s Mike Holmes! With the Brange! In New Orleans! Mike has been blessed by the Chosen One! Now watch… Mike Holmes will totally be invited to build Oprah’s new mansion. Shiloh has blessed him. It’s all sweetness and success from here.

Mike is working on the Make It Right project…totally makes sense.

A touch of Maple Leaf in the Ninth Ward. Yay!

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