No seriously…

Mike Myers. Like…do you care? Do you really?

So he’s made a few funny movies but is Mike Myers, on the Hollywood fame scale, is he really a two assistant, can’t hold his own water bottle kind of guy??? Is he really?

Because apparently HE thinks he is. The NY Daily News is reporting that Mike walks around like a king on the set of The Love Guru flanked always by two male assistants (you don’t say???). One minion holds an umbrella and the other is armed at the ready with a water bottle and a straw to be pointed at the direction of Mike’s mouth so he can sip whenever he needs.

Mike is also supposedly not able to focus with the glare coming off of reflective surfaces – is he a f&cking professional actor or what??? – and so crew members are constantly running around the set with black tape making sure nothing is getting into Mr Myers’s eye. Rather douchey, non? And not very funny either.

But then again…are you surprised? You shouldn’t be.