Mike Myers will host the MTV Movie Awards as part of the promotional lead-up to the release of The Love Guru. No doubt, his spoof clips will be hilarious. For the viewer that is. The real question though – will they be hilarious for the people working on them? Or will they have to overcome the monumental difficulty of producing the features without actually looking at or talking to their star?


But Mike is Canadian! Canadians are NEVER douchebags… right? Please. Ask anyone who worked with Avril Lavigne at the Junos this weekend and you’ll know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Still… on the outside, Mike is as charming as they come:

"Hosting the MTV Movie Awards is like a party, but without having to do beer runs in your mom"s mini van. We do beer runs in Will Smith"s four-story motor home."

Interesting he chose Will Smith to write a joke about. In a motor home. Just sayin’…