Oz: The Great And Powerful premiered last night in Hollywood. Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, and Michelle Williams, who play the three witches, were all making fashion statements.

Least favourite: Mila Kunis. Whatever it was it looked like Marchesa. Ashton Kutcher showed up at the event too, only he tried to go undercover. Really? The night before they were front and centre at the Laker game doing the Beckhams. Click here to see photos. Not saying they have to hump each other on the carpet but hiding and covering up in his car just because there are photographers around as he arrives to support her is ridiculous. This is the dude who LAUNCHED A GOSSIP WEBSITE FOR GIRLS a few years ago. Later on, at the after-party, according to PEOPLE the two were holding hands and being affectionate.

Michelle Williams’s cheongsam-inspired dress is better from the side. The way the flowers are arranged though, it reminds me of the time she wore daisies to the Golden Globes.

And Rachel Weisz is in Victoria Beckham. I don’t love how the dress is wrinkly around the ribcage. Also, it’s red. Maybe I’m just hungry and grumpy.