Last week Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were out for dinner together, supposedly with some other friends. X17 reported that they were hooking up. Click here for a refresher. Mila’s publicist then released a statement emphatically denying that they’re dating, strongly insisting that they simply happened to be out in a group of people with no intimate connection between them. Click here for a refresher on that.

It was briefly reassuring.

But now is reporting that the two spent the weekend together in a small, sleepy coastal town in California. They ate sushi and she bought flowers. So, like, totally a mini-break with a lot of sex.

According to PEOPLE, publicists for both Mila and Ashton aren’t talking, but the magazine’s source claims that Ashton has wanted Mila forever only she kept putting him off. Another source clarifies that Ashton doesn’t want anything serious, that he’s just finally getting in there with a hot girl he’s been circling for a long time.

So she makes a big point of denying that she got down with him only to get down with him out of town a few days later?

This sounds a lot like a Shame F-ck.

She knows he’s vile. She knows it can’t leave the house. But still she can’t help herself. Is that what this is? Because that’s what it smells like.