Love these pictures of Mila Kunis up on stage with James Franco at CinemaCon yesterday to promote Oz: The Great And Powerful. Franco, of course, is the Artist. She had the privilege of standing beside him while he educated the audience on his artistry. I mean her face says it all, doesn’t it?

Oh My God, I so do not want to f-ck you. Oh My God, you so don’t care because you really just want to f-ck yourself. I would rather f-ck Ashton Kutcher than f-ck you.

As reported yesterday, Mila spent the weekend shame f-cking Ashton - click here to see photos. I know that face. You know that face. That’s the face of a girl who’s been caught f-cking her Shame F-ck. That’s the face of a girl who knows it’s vile and wrong and hates herself for doing it anyway.

So who’s more insufferable?

Ashton Kutcher or James Franco?

PS. Her shame f-cking is f-cking with her style. I have never seen Mila Kunis look so terribly awkward and uncomfortable.