But first, straight up, he and Mila Kunis look super hot here on the cover and inside of ELLE. Like really, really great together which...maybe that was Jessica Biel's problem. Or definitely. If Mila wanted a piece of that, would he be spending time in Toronto re-attaching the Cling?

Anyway, this of course is in service of the upcoming Friends With Benefits so, naturally, a lot of the questions in the interview were about, duh, friends with benefits, and these two, by now, have at least a dozen funny, cute, clever "anecdotes" they can tell as prepared responses. You can read those here.

Then they're asked about the perfect first date. This is where it gets good. Because Pippy, intent on proving he's all erudite and sh-t, said that a first date should be "more simple than extravagant". Like Scrabble.

"Scrabble's a good date. If she can't spell, I don't want to hang out with her. So that's a good test."

Well that rules out Lindsay Lohan.

But how hard are you rolling your eyes? You know who he is? He's the guy who uses an unnecessary "extravagant" word in the place of a perfectly "simple" one. Or, more appropriately, he's the guy who "utilises" an unnecessary "extravagant" word in the place of a perfectly "simple" one.

Example - ELLE asked Mila and JT about being single and whether or not dating has been a challenge. Her response was sharp:

"I haven't dated ever."

His...full of try:

"I'm not equipped to answer that right now."


Like with machinery? Or ...is it just that you're not "ready" or "able" or prepared" to answer that right now?


Using equipped in that context is like someone answering "Let me ponder that for a moment" when the question is "What do you want for lunch?"

Only someone who wants to sound equipped uses equipped in that context. And that is why he’s still a Pipsqueak.

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