A teaser trailer for the Wachowskis’ upcoming Jupiter Ascending was released yesterday. The film stars Mila Kunis as Jupiter, a janitor who, really, should be the Queen. The bad people don’t want Cinderella Jupiter to come into her power so Channing Tatum arrives with his eyeliner to look after her. Because one day it is his destiny to save the universe.

I’m into it.

I’m into the Wachowskis, I’m into Mila Kunis, and I’m into Channing Tatum, so, ok, I think I could be on board. But the accents are scaring me. There’s an accent happening on Channing Tatum here that worries me. Mila too. Just me? Maybe the preview is too short to get a full flavour, but I’ve watched it twice and I swear, when he talks in the voiceover there’s a different sound coming out of his mouth. Then it goes away later on.

Here’s Tatum in Puerto Rico today working on 22 Jump Street with Oscar hopeful Jonah Hill. If Jonah Hill won an Oscar, would you want to be back on set with him the very next day? Channing Tatum would. That’s how nice Channing Tatum is. Better than me.