There’s been all kinds of speculation about Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake. About whether or not he broke up with Jessica Biel to pursue her. About how badly he wanted to get in there when they were shooting Friends With Benefits. About how it could all just be a publicity stunt leading up to the release of the movie.

Earlier this week, Mila and Pips were at the Ellen Show taping an appearance that will air later this month. They were also captured on web cam backstage, embracing like friends but maybe a little more but maybe not.

So it’s time for our favourite game of Assumption. This time with video. Then we can draw conclusions based only on 6 seconds of footage. You ready?

See below. Start at 5:18 and stop at 5:26. Why am I 10 years old?

You see how she’s walking in front of him as his arms are around her? Then they separate. Then he puts his arm back across her shoulder. I’m inclined to put this in the “friend” column. As in that’s all he is for her… but he wouldn’t mind something more. You?

In other Timberlake news, he’s returning to SNL. No surprise. At this point, it’ll be a once a year situation. Not unlike the likes of Alec Baldwin. JT hosts the final episode of the season with musical guest Lady Gaga on May 21.

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