But she’s not promoting Ted 2. I say this because someone just came into my office, saw the photos of her up on the screen, and remarked casually that, “Oh, is she promoting Ted 2?” Because Ted 2, as you’ve likely seen, is currently being promoted and it’s opening this coming Friday.

No. Mila’s not in Ted 2. At the end of Ted, she married Mark Wahlberg. So will there be a cameo? Probably not. Click here to find out what happened to her character, even though I don’t know why I have to be worried about getting yelled at for spoiling a movie like Ted 2.

Anyway, Mila’s in London for Gemfields as their brand ambassador. Mila’s taken an on-screen acting break since having her daughter. She voiced a part for a movie called Hell & Back but for the most part it’s been a very quiet several months. Like Channing Tatum, I’m sure she too would like to forget about Jupiter Ascending. But let me bring that connection full circle. That email that was leaked during the Sony hack, remember that? Channing’s reaction to 22 Jump Street becoming the 2nd best ever opening for an R-rated comedy, taking over that spot from Ted? Click here to see what that message looked like. And now Magic Mike XXL and Ted 2 are opening just a week apart. Is Magic Mike XXL considered a comedy? I consider it a comedy.

Channing > Wahlberg, right?