He’s a Chicago Bears fan. So his girls have to be Chicago Bears fans too, I guess? Five years ago, he actually recruited an entire family. See attached photos. Seven years ago, today, he married Demi Moore. This weekend it’s Mila Kunis in Bears gear, Mila whose hand he’s holding, Mila who gets to kiss him, Mila looking up at him with pouty face while they’re out for dinner in New York. These two are into each other, HARD. And if you’re Demi Moore, one day proudly showing off on Twitter how your body’s tighter than girls 25 years younger, then next day betrayed by your younger husband, does it get any worse than Mila Kunis?

Mila Kunis isn’t some hot tub bikini girl from San Diego. Mila Kunis makes big Hollywood movies and small Hollywood movies and profitable Hollywood movies; she’s a young, in-demand A list star in an industry, her industry, that discards women Demi’s age. And Mila has a hot tub bikini body with a supermodel face...that she’s wasting on him.