Mila Kunis and her Shame F-ck Ashton Kutcher spent last weekend together in a small sleepy California town. She’d previously denied that there was anything going on between them so you can imagine the “Ohhhhh sh-t” in her head when the paps found them and started shooting.

Mila was in Vegas the other day for CinemaCon and Ben Lyons slyly found a roundabout way of throwing the Ashton question in her face. A few noteworthy moments here:

You see how the publicist immediately tries to shut it down?

This is what it’s like talking to a celebrity. When they hear something that displeases them, there’s always a paid professional around to rescue them from having to answer. If only you could do that in a real life job interview, non?

Mila, to her credit, will answer for herself, thank you very much. Megan Fox is this way too which is what I like about her. Because, believe me, there are those who will just stand there, staring beseechingly at their publicists, completely unwilling or incapable of handling their own sh-t.

As for Mila’s response...

Many are reading this as a denial because she uses Lindsay Lohan’s favourite word “absurd”. When Lindsay Lohan calls something “absurd”, it’s usually because she’s lying... about getting drunk/high, slapping someone, being late, falling down, or running over a pedestrian. When Mila Kunis says it’s “absurd”, she’s not totally lying but she’s also evading the truth: that she’s f-cking her shame F-ck.

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“A friend is a friend.”


The sun shines.


“A friend is a friend” does not mean that friends don’t f-ck. She hates herself for doing it. But still, you can see it, she can’t wait to do it again.

Attached - Mila leaving the gym yesterday.