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I'm about to pop and I desperately need your advice.  What do you think of Evyn (Evan, Evin, Evynn?) for a girl?




Well, about to pop means you get to jump the line, and in view of an article about “Everly” today, I thought this letter was timely.

I think Evan for a girl is one of the androgynous names that is ready for adoption on the girl’s side. I’d strongly encourage a more traditional middle to balance it out – Evan Katherine, rather than Evan Storm – but it doesn’t feel made up to me. I know a young Evan; she’s lovely. You’ll notice I spelled it “Evan”. This is non-negotiable.

There is something about adopting a name from the “male” side of things that makes people think they need to feminize it. But you know what? A “y” doesn’t make things feminine, it makes them overdone. Think about how often the name will be written as opposed to said. It’s probably 5 to 1. I promise that it’s going to sound the same, and that your daughter will thank you for spelling it the “right” way a thousand times over.   

In fact, I’m making up a blanket rule, ready?  

If you like a name, but think you have to change it to like it “enough”, it’s not
the name for you.  Find a name you like as is. 

So. What if this means Evan isn’t the name for you? It’s not pretty enough or girly enough or it just doesn’t feel like it has enough power for you or goddamnit, you really want a “y” in there somewhere?   

Evelyn. Tamsin. Bronwen. Emmeline.  

Now of course, there is one exception. One name that comes to mind that suits your sound, but the spelling of which is unacceptable: It is Aoibheann (ay-VEEN or Eve-een).

So I’m willing to open the dialogue on adaption of nice-sounding names whose spellings are prohibitive. Is Aivheen acceptable to any of us? I’m not sure.   

But Evan is Evan.


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