X17 reported yesterday that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were out on a date the other night. I wrote that I thought and hoped that she was smarter than that. And it looks like she is.

Mila’s rep issued a swift and strong denial immediately after the X17 report went viral. The denial was picked up more than the original story which almost never happens. But that’s how intent Mila’s people were to get it out there. That MILA KUNIS IS NOT WITH ASHTON KUTCHER. With exclamation points!

Here’s how her publicist put it to Us Weekly:

"No! They're so not dating. They've been friends for years...three other people (were with them). Definitely nothing going on there."

I really love the expressive denial, the “No! They’re so not dating”. Like it’s repellent or something. Like Mila wanted to kill it before anyone put her in Ashton Kutcher’s bed. Please don’t ever think I’d go out with that prick because I would never.