You want to see something really, really, REALLY hot?

It’s video from the Friends With Benefits presser last week in Russia where Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake were promoting the movie. Justin is asked the “Music Question” by a reporter and, predictably, gets annoyed (and annoying) because HE IS A REAL ACTOR. Then Mila steps in for him ... in Russian.

I’m attaching the videos in reverse order – the first clip actually happens after the second, but it’s in the first where you hear her throwing down her mother tongue. Here’s where I bust out my inner judgy mom: I think kids should, if they are capable, if it’s an option, if it works within the family’s abilities, learn other languages; I think the learning of another language benefits the understanding of one’s own language; I think the learning of other languages, especially in the age of text message and Twitter and Facebook helps encourage productive, meaningful communication; and I think the study of another language also promotes awareness of and curiosity for culture. They say, after all, that this is a generation of Global Citizens.

My dad’s Chinese name, translated literally, is LUI (the family name) Peaceful Prosperity. Lui Peaceful Prosperity. Ish. I mean, you know, other people might use other adjectives, but you get the idea. Spell it phonetically?

Lui Fuk Lit

Say it fast. See? Please. Yes, it’s funny! Of course it is! But here’s when it becomes NOT funny. Like the time some dumbass asked me, “Oh my God! Why would your grandparents call him a Clit???”

You see, stupid, we live in a place called the World. In the World there are Countries. Some of these countries use different languages. English is only one language among many.

The word “see” in English sounds like the word “Sh-t” in Cantonese. The word “hi” in English sounds like slang for “c-nt” in Cantonese. The word “lung” is “penis” in Cantonese. And we don’t walk around like ignorant f-cks asking why English speakers are so full of the swears.

Maybe that tangent kinda ran away with itself there. My point is extra languages are good. And Mila Kunis speaking hers is really, really sexy. This is Mila wearing a couple of really, really cute dresses in London today. She and Justin are there in advance of the UK premiere of Friends With Benefits.

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