Am uncomfortable about this story. Because while I’m so down with gossip, and my first position is rarely on the side of celebrity, this phone hacking business... should I feel gross about it? And if so, what’s the approach? Not write about it all? But the sh-t is so good! Tell me what to do. For real. Help me decide.

In the meantime, the Hollywood Hacker’s latest target is Justin Timberlake via Mila Kunis. They broke into her phone and according to TMZ they’re about to release picture of Justin shirtless on a bed and posing with Mila’s panties. Also there’s a dick shot. The dick supposedly belongs to JT. And some sexting too.

At press time, there’s been no word from Mila’s people. Not sure whether or not the photos have been acquired. Not sure how Jessica Biel is feeling today but if it’s not embarrassment, I fear she may be unsalvageable.

Biel already took Justin back after his random hook-ups with Olivia Munn and several others. And let me be clear for those of you who still doubt: it happened with Olivia, and it’s not even a secret anymore. Pippy begged for forgiveness and has promised to change. Jessica has given him another chance. But this? How do you move on from this? Unless you’re Victoria Beckham?

I want her to walk. Because I want to like her. I want her to acknowledge that every time he can come back is another time he’s gotten away with it. As for Justin and Mila, and the cock shots he allegedly sent to her - I wonder if it’s because it didn’t work, if she wasn’t impressed, which is why he decided to hit up Biel again. If you’re Jessica, do you thank the Hacker, or do you resent him?

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