It’s Black Swan day at the London Film Festival. Here’s Mila Kunis with Vincent Cassel and Darren Aronofsky at the photocall. If memory serves, this is the first time she’s been on promotional duty for the film, having been tied up on another project during previous festival showings.

This time it’s Mila on press duty and no Natalie Portman. So they’re taking turns I guess. For now it’s a measured, calculated strategy. Press conferences only, a few questions on the carpet, but no junkets yet, and print interviews still to come. Black Swan is due in limited release on December 3, expanding wide through the month. Given all the early hype and Oscar talk, they need to roll this out carefully.

Great to see Mila looking much healthier. I was complaining a while back that her arms were too skinny. Click here for a refresher. It’s better now.

Mila as you know recently wrapped shooting on Friends With Benefits with Justin Timberlake. Um, the release date for that is July 22nd. Like prime summer box office. Just a week after the final final final Harry Potter and, curiously, the same day as Captain America starring Chris Evans who used to date Shelf Ass Jessica Biel. I guess they’re hoping moviegoers want another option other than action/superhero and the studio is banking that Mila and Pipsqueak can fill that requirement?

Ohhh...that’s a LOT of expectation. Especially when neither one has proven they can carry a movie. Both however are also attached to films that could factor heavily during awards season. So now we scrutinise the follow-up.


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