IMDB presented Miles Teller with the STARmeter award yesterday in Toronto where he was also premiering his film Whiplash. Whiplash was a big hit at Sundance and both Miles and JK Simmons have been receiving high praise for their performances. They celebrated last night at the Thompson Hotel rooftop. That was my first stop after my last carpet. It was a good party. They had a drum session going when I got there. JK was hanging out on the patio. Miles was, well, Miles was all business, all night.

He’s tall for an actor, at least 6 ft. And soooo much cuter in person than he is in photos. I saw him introduce a guy to an older couple and he ended up staying there talking to all of them for a long while. He was working. He was networking. He wasn’t there to get drunk and mack on girls, although eventually several of them rushed him for photos and he obliged for a few minutes before hooking up again with some friends for a cigar. And he’s not that douchebag who talks loud because it’s his party and he’s a star. Overall very good first impression.