Miley Cyrus was in Madrid for the EMAs. Jared Followill was there with Kings of Leon. Apparently they went after-partyhopping together, flirting all night, and texting too. This is what I find so confusing about the young generation. They were at the same place, at the same time, and face to face at the club. And then she goes back to her seat and continues the game on her blackberry? Why not just stay up in his face? That’s how it worked back in my day. If there was action with a boy that could be handled with some up close whispering and an occasion touch of the arm progressing to eyef-cking, there’s no way I’d leave that to go sit at a table only to start writing short letters to him as a follow-up This must mean I’m old.

As for whether or not they actually made it happen, well, she and Liam Hemsworth are over again for the second time, and it’s not like there’s a lot of supervision going on here, and he’s had Ashley Greene too who recently worked on a movie with Miley and, wait, did Miley set up Ashley and the Jonas Vagina? Maybe Ashley returned the favour.

Also... you know the substances that are available at rock star parties, right? You know the word “no” hardly ever applies, right? I’m just saying Miley turns 18 in a couple weeks. It’s about to get very, very interesting.

Source Page Six