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But even JailBait Miley Cyrus gives a better f-cking interview than Amanda Seyfried. That hurt. So much. But in the interest of objectivity, JailBait on paper, in this interview with Parade, when you can’t hear that voice, when you can’t see her gestures, JailBait isn’t bad. She gives decent answers. She says lovely things about Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, and Dolly Parton. I mean, when you can namecheck those three into a single conversation, well, it’s not a bad read. It’s certainly a better read than Amanda Seyfried who told Esquire that she’d wipe sh-t off a friend’s face and has paid her dues, at 24 years old, for the right to move out of Los Angeles.

There are, of course, some eye rolly moments. Like when Cyrus complains about the paps, especially considering they just happened to be there when she was shooting her kiss in the water scene with Liam Hemsworth last year. And some of the photos are straight up sickening. The one with her finger in the air in particular. By and large though, she doesn’t sound like an asshole. She sounds like a 17 year old know it all like every other 17 year old know it all. And as annoying as that is, it’s also not extraordinary.

You will note too that she can’t help dropping Liam’s name into her answers. I remember that. It’s all encompassing. As I’ve already noted, her first taste of deep sh-t love makes Miley tolerable. It’s the democratisation of being a girl.

Now there’s objectivity and there’s just plain overkill. I am done with this article. Thanks God for Vegas. Need to cleanse my palate.

Click here to read the Parade article and to see the photos.

Photos attached of JailBait with that mother yesterday.

Photos from Wenn.com

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