The suggestion is revolting, totally. But I’m not the one parading my 16 year old kid on every carpet like a 25 year old.

This is JailBait Miley Cyrus at the ACM Awards last night looking like her father’s wife.

Yeah, I said it. I said what you were thinking. We are all thinking…

Electra Complex comes to Hollywood.

Why the invocation of Freud?

Blame them.

Daddy keeps pretending he’s still in acid wash. Little Girl grew up too many years ago. Seriously, sit your cheese ass DOWN with that f-cking soul patch!

“Me & Miley”.

“Me & Miley”.

How many times did he say “Me & Miley”?

And he pimped out his new album on her back!

See video below. Suffer through her performance if you feel like torturing yourself. She sings out of tune and out of her nose.

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