Suppose this shouldn’t be a surprise… after all, Billy Ray Cyrus is a parent pimp, whoring his kid out to Disney to sustain the acid wash lifestyle he’d been accustomed to after his one hit wonder. Why then should he be expected to instill in his child commodity the value of hard worth and work ethic?

Contracts are signed to be broken, right?

is reporting that Billy and Miley have decided she’s bigger than Disney, that she can make more money by bailing out of the Mouse, and are refusing to honour their commitment, insisting on completing only 12 more episodes of Hannah Montana instead of the originally promised 24.

But Disney will not release them…which is why they’ve been cocking up a storm on the set – arriving late, making the cast and crew wait, refusing to respect the lesser stars on the show, and picking fights whenever possible…all this in pursuit of what they call a “promising” singing career.

The rationale makes sense. JailBait is almost 16. She doesn’t want to be Avril Lavigne. She doesn’t want to have 14 year old fans forever. So eventually, especially considering her penchant for posing naked, a Disney exit strategy is expected. And it’s not like no one else has done it before.

Hilary Duff did it just a few years ago, walking away from Disney and Lizzie McGuire when she and her mother felt Disney’s offer was too low for a Lizzie sequel.

The difference: Hilary honoured her contract before choosing not to renew.

JailBait and her dad on the other hand are trying to back out of something that they’ve already agreed to. Which is just bad form. It’s even worse form to make everyone else suffer just because you’re not getting your way.

Selfish, low classy, and totally ungrateful.

Yay for child stardom!

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