US Weekly reports exclusively this morning that Miley Cyrus and Jared Leto are “hooking up”. Apparently she slept over in early February after they spent some time together on Grammy weekend. Here are some photos of them at a pre-Grammy party with her sister and her mother. And a photo of Miley and Jared in September at the iHeartRadio Festival.

Hooking up? Or hooked up?

Not that it matters but the difference is that the first term implies that it’s ongoing. And the second implies that it happened but may not be still happening.

Miley opened her Bangerz tour in Vancouver on February 14th. And she was in Vancouver to prepare for the show for several days before that. Let’s call it a week, February 7. Jared however was not in Vancouver during that time. He was in LA and New York and Paris, but not Vancouver. So it’s probably more accurate to say that it was one night. One memorable, sweaty, grindy night. Will there be another memorable, sweaty, grindy night?

Well, if you’re Jared Leto, and you’re the frontrunner for Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars, and final ballots are being filled out right now, is this how you want to be making headlines?

Pretty sure the second time they f-ck won’t be until after March 2.