US Weekly reported yesterday that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are “definitely over”. E! News is reporting today that while “it’s been rocky” between the two of them, they are “hanging in there”. This is kinda playing out like the Robsten mess, non? Or maybe the Robsten mess is playing out like Miley and Liam with each camp leaking to different outlets.

Still, “hanging in there” isn’t exactly emphatic confirmation that things are right. And how right can they be after everything that’s gone down the last few months. He went somewhere and did some things with January Jones. Then he took off for Australia. And the only time in all that time that they’ve supposedly been ok is on her Twitter, where she frequently denies that the two of them are in a rough spot. Some rough spots are surmountable for some people. See the Beckhams. But both people have to want it.

David Beckham was already a father and half of a brand when he was discovered to be a cheater. He had a lot to lose if Victoria left him. They both had a lot to lose.

But Liam? At 23 years old? And booking movies all the time? It’s a totally different time in life. And for Miley too...although, God, sometimes we just don’t encourage our girls to see it that way, do we? Girls are too often conditioned that it should all be given up for Love.